An Empirical Study of Security Protocols in Smart Home IoT Devices
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报告题目: An Empirical Study of Security Protocols in Smart Home IoT Devices


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报告摘要: Wi-Fi IoT devices have been penetrating the smart home at a fast pace recently. Most device vendors enable users to control their IoT devices remotely via smartphones. The smart home IoT devices indeed bring users great convenience, but they may also create new attack vectors for adversaries. In this work, we conduct an empirical study on how the cryptographic/security protocols are supported on 40 popular Wi-Fi smart home IoT devices. We find that even some most fundamental security vulnerabilities still widely exist in today’s hot-selling smart home IoT devices. The detected vulnerabilities can be exploited by adversaries to gain unauthorized control of the victims’ IoT devices or have surveillance of the victims’ activities. Limited resources and functions on the IoT devices may thwart remote after-sales remedies. To secure the IoT devices, we present HomeGuardian framework which is deployed on the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) home Wi-Fi routers. Our experimental results show that HomeGuardian can efficiently secure the IoT devices.

主讲人介绍:雷新雨,2015年在OG视讯官方网站获得博士学位。2016起在美国Michigan State University攻读博士学位。 2013年秋工作于Texas A&M University at Qatar(助理研究员)。2017年夏工作于美国福特汽车研究所(实习研究员)。研究方向包括云计算、物联网、区块链等。在IEEE TSC,IEEE ICDE等国际知名期刊会议上发表学术论文近20篇。曾担任ACM S3 workshop 2019会议TPC member。获得MSU Engineering Distinguished Fellowship Award。


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