Start in porn films, then – go Hollywood! This not a dream, but reality! Read our story and appreciate favorite performers. Welcome to celebrity club!

  • Sasha Grey

She made all efforts to become a porn star. But a real glory to this lady brought big cinema. Do you know Stephen Soderberg? He offered her a role in his drama, and her job very well. After the film was released, Sasha not only got new status but also became a successful Hollywood actress.

  • Ron Jeremy

The size of his dick is 33 cm. He is a very popular porn actor, who played in about 2000 videos. He is even a nominee of Guinness Book of Records for his impressive records! Ron got to movies of the regular genre due to shooting in clips of rock bands. Do you know his non-porn roles? We may mention his performance in “Boondock Saints” and “Detroit – the city of rock” movie.

  • Traci Lords

She appeared in Penthouse men’s magazine at the age of 16. The girl was doomed to the fame of a nude model and porn actress. During her career in adult films, Lords participated in about a hundred movies. But there are other achievements. This beauty may be proud of many famous movies. Did you know that her colleagues on the backstage were charming Johnny Depp and irresistible Iggy Pop?

  • Katie Morgan

Well, at the beginning of the 21st century, the chick was engaged in delivering drugs, namely marijuana from Mexico to the USA. The police seized about 45 kilograms of drugs from her, thus, in order to pay off the court, the charming woman and rushed into the porn industry, earned quickly and a lot, and now he is alive and well, and he is not associated with any foolishness anymore.

Blue-eyed blonde has very attractive eyes and gorgeous breasts with superb nipples. Our beautiful nymph does not just adore anal sex, she worships it. In 2008, Kevin Smith shoots her in “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”, after the success of which the actress ended her career in adult industry and began to “gain momentum” in a big movie. Now she may choose from roles in comedies. All these are Hollywood’s offers.

  • Jenna Jameson

She is intelligent, talented, and adult movies with her participators were in high demand not only in the USA. Now her porn experience is in past. But she still enjoys the title of “Queen of the Porn Industry”, unofficially, of course. Nowadays, she is a successful businesswoman and media presenter. “Parts of the Body” comedy – that was her start on big screen. Besides, this famous woman starred in some well-known movies as “Loser” and “Detective Nash Bridges” TV series.

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